March 20, 2013

To the weekend that was.

Oh weekend. For someone that doesn't work, weekends don't usually do much for me considering it just means I have to fight with everyone at the mall for a park. But this weekend was beautiful.

I had my baby shower on Saturday and it was one of those days where you were so caught up chatting and having a ball of a time that you didn't even manage to take a photo on your phone. That's a lot of fun in my books. I almost always have my phone out taking photos! All I managed were those above taken AFTER the party.

My sister in law baked up some of my favourite foods (Thank you Pinterest for being the most direct indirect tool for telling someone what to do). Buttermilk chocolate chip cookies.. Cupcakes.. Caprese salad sticks.. Zuchinni and bacon muffins (She stuffed so much good veggies in there for me. She's always been like that! Making me eat my veggies!) and so much more! It was a preggo's dream. When I was busy stuffing my face with food, I was playing with the 3 little grommies who came to party with us and catching up with friends.

The shower was perfectly timed as we are saying good bye to Perth in 2 weeks and a good catch up with the girls didn't go astray.

When it came time to open presents, I was literally in shock. We were given so much stuff. This little man is the luckiest. From soft toys to onesies, from muslin wraps to night lights. We were spoilt rotten!

So yeah. Between the cookies and the gifts, my Saturday was rocking! The husband is due home in 2 days. Things are lookin' up!

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