June 27, 2013


Lately my days are filled with baby cuddles, nursing - the boy lives on my chest, little grumbles (Mason always grumbles at my breast at the start of each feed. It's almost as if he's letting me know he didn't like having to wait), dirty diapers, next level dirty diapers that have the very technical term of "explosion poos"...

They've also been filled with "Am I doing this right?"s and "Oh crap he sneezed. Does he have a cold?"

This job, motherhood, it's the most stressful and tiring position I've ever been in. You run around like a headless chook at 3am because your baby won't stop crying after a 2 and a half hour long feed and you don't know what's wrong. 

Then suddenly, he stops. He stares you right in the eyes and slowly starts falling asleep on your chest, snug in your arms. You feel him relax onto you and get heavier on your body. 

Suddenly this tiring, consuming position is the best one in the world. Nothing you ever accomplish in this life will ever compare. 

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