July 6, 2013



The way in which you have jumped in on this baby business leaves me breathless. I am struggling to write how much gratitude I feel towards you. With our sweet babe being only 3 weeks new, it is mind blowing how well you have taken on your new role.

Thank you for being the greatest husband a woman could ever ask for. I cannot wait to see the adventures you will no doubt fill Mason's life with because of your passionate nature.

We love you, dada.


We dropped Luke off at the airport 2 days ago. I've cried everytime in the last 4 years but this time my heart knew a new ache. We won't see him for another 35 days. Mason slept all the way home in the car. I'm glad he couldn't see me cry in the back seat next to him for that hour and a half journey home. What his daddy is sacrificing for us makes us the luckiest little family in the world.

5 weeks.

We can do this, baby boy.

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