July 12, 2013


Our darling boy Mason turned one month old yesterday. They were right. Time does fly. 'Fly' actually seems like a gross misrepresentation of how fast our days seem to pass. You would think if you spent your days going through the same motion, minutes would feel like hours. But no, every morning we wake up next to each other and I cannot believe he's another day older.

It's a hard thing, this parenthood gig. One moment you're crying your eyes out because you can see the changes. He's growing. He's smiling, chatting away to himself with what sounds like the most beautiful noises you've ever heard. No... He's already so much more than he was the day you both met. Your boy, he's growing up already. No... Then the next moment you are fantasizing about days when he will be big enough to jump on his Dada's surfboard and catch a wave, when he will call you Mama.. The roller coaster ride of being a parent is just mental. I feel like I've known him ten thousand years, and a minute.. all at the same time.

This month was huge for Mason. A few growth spurts and going from co-sleeping to bed-sharing, our little man has been through quite a bit in his short time here! Yes, we are bed-sharing and I love it. Nothing better than waking up next to the your babe. One morning Mason woke up before me and when I opened my eyes, he was staring right at me. We spent the next 10 minutes just gazing at each other. I'm pretty sure that's what heaven feels like.

Yes. So Mason is 30 days old and I am 30 days in to my new life as his "Mother". Every night we lay in bed together and as I'm feeding him I cannot believe that this much love, made by Luke and I, this huge and tangible love can actually be contained in this one room.

I wrote a letter to our bub for his first month and you can find it on my Instagram. Here's a little excerpt:

"So yes. Maybe you need me for nourishment and nurturing.. But baby boy, I need you so much more."

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