August 12, 2013


This week sees Mason turn 2 months old. It's safe to say that he is exactly and nothing like me, all at once. We are both cranky when we're hungry, but he's a super morning person and I'm.. well, not. But it's amazing, he's changing me. I am a shell of the person I use to be. I am so much better.

Lately, he's been all about the boobs (Wait a minute, I think he's always been that way).. A feeding frenzy, they call it. He also recently found his hands and I tend to catch him staring at them, all cross eyed - it's so adorable. He talks in his sleep. A lot. I could stay up all night listening to his coos and watching him grin to himself.

As for me, 2 months in and I've learnt a few things.

He picks up everything.
When Mason starts crying and he can get reeeeeally angry sometimes, I remind myself that my aura affects him. So I've learnt that when I pick him up, shushing and bouncing him around while feeling anxious only prolongs his cries. I now tell him to cry. To get it off his chest. And that I'm here for him.

He will do an explosion poo while we are giving each other love eyes lying in bed. It's like he knows nothing could ruin that moment anyway. Even if he (literally) shat all over it.

Other people will have a lot to say.
I was running around Coles a few weeks back and Mason started fussing in his carrier. I hurried over to the tills but he started bawling anyway. In my usual "mama"-ness, I started dancing a little and whispering into his ears that I love him and to cry if it made him feel better. This older lady waiting in line next to me smiles at me. I smile back. This is where I may have given her a sign that I was inviting an opinion.


She turns to me and says "He's just hungry. You should feed him."

Short of exploding into a million pieces, I just blankly stared at her in hopes that she would assume I did not understand her (an Asian appearance is great for this. Language barrier is my go to for unwanted chats). I was fuming. What I really wanted to say was, "Oh really? He's hungry, is he? Which one of your old leaking boobs gave you that impression?!" 

But mostly, I'm in disbelief that it's been two months. Two whole months since I met this little man. And he's changing me already. I want to be the best version of me, just for him.

P.S. He's almost got me becoming a morning person. Almost.

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