September 30, 2013

A day outside

We have been lucky to have some beautiful days lately. With the weather change comes the realization that a whole season has passed and my winter babe is now learning to brave the heat. School holidays has me avoiding the beach so we spend the warm days on our verandah, soaking up the sun.

We are off to Singapore for 2 weeks for my birthday and with the heat we've been having around here, I'm not too worried about how he will go in the tropical heat!

Speaking of travelling.. Any and all tips of traveling with a 4 month old would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Hope a lovely time in Singapore. I'm sure I'll head there sometime next year when Alexander is older. I'd be really keen to hear of travelling tips too!

    1. Thanks Trishie. We will be back there again for Chinese New Year, I think for a month in January. Let me know if you will there too - it would be lovely to meet your gorgeous little family. x