September 12, 2013



Mason, at 3 months you are smiling. You are smiling like never before and I'm beginning to realise you know exactly what you do to me when you smile.

Every morning I wake up to your stirring next to me and the moment your eyes find mine, you light up and grin. I am greeted by your warm milky breath (oh how I will miss that smell some day soon) and of course, that big grin. It's almost cheesy, the way you smile at me in the mornings. We lay in bed for more kisses and snuggles before sending Dada a selfie as requested.

You are also feeding like a champ these days. You love being in your pram (upright now, thank you very much. None of this bassinet business) so we are almost always down at the beach or at the shops. The days are getting hot and you love being as naked as possible. I'm figuring out that my winter baby doesn't much like being warm!

In the last week, a few people mistook you for a girl - I didn't mind so much although I can't say the same for your father. We had a hectic few days running errands (as I tend to forget I have 5 whole weeks to get all that stuff done before Luke is home) and you've been such a good boy for your mama. There was a day I was sure you were in and out of the car about 8 times and I felt so sorry for you but you took it like trooper - you really are the best!

Most of all, at 3 months, I think you know I'm your mama. I mean, I'm sure you always knew but now when I say "I love you" and I know you know how much I do.

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