September 3, 2013

Tuesday morning yoga

This lovely spring morning Luke and I were lucky enough to be able to attend a yoga class together. It was so lovely for us to do something with each other, especially something that we both needed as much mentally as we did physically.

I dabbled with a bit of yoga while I was pregnant and loved it. Especially when a lot of it has to do with breath and breathing into my baby. To send my breath and good thoughts to my womb.

But it wasn't until today, lying on our mat, my head against a nice warm blanket, when asked to breathe into our bodies, did it occur to me that since I had Mason, I hadn't breathed into my body. And into my womb.

So this morning I took extra care to send my breath to my womb. My womb, my pelvis, my uterus. They kept my baby safe for 41 weeks and I never even thought to thank them. I held back tears as I thought of what my body had accomplished. I've always picked at what it wasn't rather than what it was - never appreciating it. I spent a large portion of my teens trying to change it with diets and pills.

But today.. Today I thanked it. I sent breath after breath to it. 12 weeks to the day it was cut open to give me my son, I thanked my body.


  1. it never really occurred to me how much our bodies are a miracle, how much a baby is a miracle, until we started trying to have one...

  2. I have really come to love the benefits of yoga, both to my body and mind. I used to be a highly anxious person and I firmly believe that yoga played a role in making me a calm go-with-the-flow person. And the photos you shared remind me of how yoga makes me feel.

    1. Hi Aubrey, what a beautiful name! Ah yes, the benefits of yoga are endless! Thank you for dropping by x