October 12, 2013


My sweet boy. 4 months in and it's all about your hands! You are grabbing everything and anything around you, and shoving it into your mouth. Sometimes you grab hold of my hands and they always end up in your mouth. You are now a very distracted eater and feeding you in public has become near impossible! You sleep through the night like a champ. You stick your tongue out at us all the time now too. You also love screaming at the top of your lungs, then grinning. I think mostly because you love our reaction. You love that you've just made us all laugh.

You've hit that stage where you're "meant to be" doing certain things like rolling over... imitating facial expressions.. etc. I find myself wondering if I gave you a bit more tummy time just to see if you'll do what "all the other kids are doing".. Did I do that for you or did I do that for me? Damn those stupid iPhone apps that try to tell me what you're meant to be doing. I have to constantly remind myself that whatever you're doing, you're doing it right and you're doing it right when you want/need to.

You are a giggle machine! This has been my favourite new discovery, Mason. You giggle and it sounds like an old man just cleared his throat. It sends everyone in the room into fits of giggles too.

So, you're changing quickly my boy. But sometimes out of nowhere, I see how little you are. Your little hands, your little feet. They've grown in leaps and bounds over the last 4 months, but they'll always be little to me.


  1. Happy 4 months, Mason! Sounds like he is a ton of fun to be with. I can't wait to hear Alex's first giggle.

    1. Oh you wait... You'll find yourself doing the dumbest things just to catch that giggle again and again!