November 19, 2013

You are loved, my boy.

Mason met my Ahma (my mum's mum) for the first time the other day. She watched him, as he stuffed all his fingers in his mouth, and said to me "He is very loved, this boy."

I smiled, not really grasping where she got that from. She continued, explaining that there is a Chinese belief that the more fingers a child tries to shove into his mouth, the more loved he is.

I never pay too much attention to old wives tales and Chinese sayings (mostly because there is approximately a million of them!) but I couldn't help my agree with this one.

My boy, this blessing of mine. He is truly loved.


  1. Never heard that saying before, but I'm sure your boy is very loved indeed!

    1. Neither had my mum or I, Trish! Haha! But then again, imagine if you knew every Chinese saying, superstition and tradition there was to know..!

  2. How very beautiful! What a wonderful saying and what a delightful little man. Hope your weekend is gorgeous :) x

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    1. Thanks Lisa! Hopefully when we get to Melbourne someday we can meet up! x