December 27, 2013


Today, my mom watched Mason for an hour while Luke and I went to the beach. He surfed and I sat on his towel, in the sand, like I used to when we were dating. I kept my eye on him as he paddled out and caught his first wave. I watched our keys, his sunnies and listened to Ingrid Michaelson with my earphones. I didn't have to worry about sand getting into a baby's eye.. Or if I had repacked new diapers in my bag.. I just sat there and tapped my toes in the sand to the sound of the music playing in my ears.

It was so simple. But so necessary. I laid down and shut my eyes. I felt the breeze and the sea mist caress my face.. I dug my toes deeper into the sand beneath me.

We got home and I hugged my mom. For her, all she did was babysat her grandchild. For me?

It was so much more.

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