December 14, 2013


 first photo by Jodi and the rest by Gaby

Happy half birthday my sweet boy! You are SIX whole months old this week.

You sit up like a big boy and reach out for me when I clap my hands before picking you up. You completely recognise me as your mama and some days I have to hide from you to get anything done because once you've seen me, you are expecting a cuddle!

While you have the most beautiful disposition, my oh my, do you have a temper! If something has upset you, you literally kick around while your face is flushed like a wee beetroot! It both drives me nuts and fuels my love for you.

You have eyebrows like your mama and eyelashes like your dada. You are tall and we think that's come from your great-grandfathers ('cause it ain't from either of us). You are chubby and we know that's come from us! Big hands and feet.. and that's all me!

This week we had Gaby and Clementine come to visit and we had so much fun. She took these photos of you and I don't think I've ever felt like my baby is all grown up more than I did in these pictures.

Mostly, you are a delight to be around. Most people can get a smile from you and I hope you never lose your love of a good grin.


  1. Gorgeous photos. What a handsome little six month old you are Mason! These pics make me miss Terrigal so much. xx

    1. Thanks Katrina, we think so too.

      It's a beautiful place this time of the year, Terrigal! x