January 9, 2014

A list

 photo by Gaby
  • I am still in slight disbelief that we are in 2014 already. I spent so much for 2013 waiting for Mason to arrive that I feel like it went by so quickly.
  • Definitely using this guide to make myself some beautiful soft boiled eggs!
  • Hoping to watch a movie with the husband this week - we got a voucher months ago!
  • The tree may or may not come down. I think it needs to, but I am not sure I want to spend my spare hour or so doing something like un-decorating my house.
  • Wondering why the sun decided to shy away this last two days. It's hindered our beach trips a little!
  • I am determined to start reading again this year. Starting with this book.
  • Maybe I will manage one yoga class this month? I want to so badly.
  • Very excited we will be in Singapore this time 2 weeks from now! Mason's first Chinese New Year!

I was inspired by Gaby's recent post of her week in a form of a list. It's so handy organizing your thoughts like this!

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