March 9, 2014


Well. This is late - Mason is 9 months in two days. But let's just pretend okay?

Eight months hey. What can I say? Mason has been such a trooper this past 4 weeks. He fell sick when we were in Singapore, then popped two teeth, then triumphed through a rushed trip to Perth (We're in Perth again now). If there's anything I've learnt about this kid is that he can sleep anywhere. He is definitely his daddy's boy! And I am so grateful for that.

He also went from a weird crab-crawl-shuffling thing into a proper crawl this month. He follows me around the house and I have to remind myself not to put anything on the coffee table or the TV cabinet because sticky fingers will have his hands on everything!

What I love most about this last month is that he spent a lot of time with his grandparents. Two weeks with my family in Singapore and two here with Luke's parents. He also got to meet his great grand nanna, we never knew it would be the first and last time they spent time together.

6 flights later, I am grateful for my incredibly adaptive little man. Everyday Luke and I look at him and cannot believe he's ours.


  1. wow, he is such a good baby! hope perth is ok this trip x

    1. thanks Gaby! we got home last night. i am SO HAPPY to have woken up in our bed this morning.