May 7, 2014

Soaking it all in

Autumn is a grand time of the year.. You soak in whatever's left of the sunshine and warmth, and treasure each warm day as if it were a gift.

Each morning, we share breakfast together, the three of us. And I am silently grateful and appreciate that there will probably never be time like this again, where the three of us will share breakfast everyday (even weekdays!), without a care as to what the rest of the day holds for us. It is hard to live in the now and appreciate everything you have when you are overwhelmed by washing, day to day chores and the what-ifs that tomorrow brings.

Luke's surgery was a success and we are now in the first stage of his rehabilitation. He is sore and can't help out much with Mason or around the house. But still, we sit and have breakfast and I am so grateful that he is here.

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