June 23, 2014


Wow. So, this is it. The last of these monthly updates until I'm pregnant ha! for now. I have so thoroughly enjoyed doing them and I treasure all the little bits of information I've collected over the last twelve months about this little wonder of mine.

Righto. At 12 months, Mason is walking. That means if you came over to our house, there would either be nothing anywhere because we've hidden everything from him, or everything... everywhere because he's literally torn the house apart. When I told my sister in law that Mason had started walking, she asked if it was a 'be careful what you wish for' kind of situation.

Oh yes. It most definitely is. But oh, to see the joy on his face when he realised he was walking.. And when he reaches out to grab something and his legs actually follow him. So worth it.

He also yells at us now. Which is.. funny to a point? If he does not want his dinner, you'll know about it. If he wants yours, you'll know about it too. He says 'Ta' a lot and has his grandparents convinced its actually in reply to them giving him what he wants.. Me? I'm not too sure just yet. He tends to just randomly shout 'Ta' and 'Da' and all sorts of other things.

He's learnt the art of hanging out on his own a bit. Sometimes, when he goes quiet, I find him playing with a toy by himself. Its so cute. So cute that I do that amateur, 'parent of one kid' mistake and go sit next to him.

He is big on cuddles. Also, he has no inhibitions. He has taken to lifting Luke's and my top, and smacking us on our unflattering midsections. He then breaks into a huge giggle and we just keep letting him do it because it's obviously so much fun.

He's onto 6 big teeth now. He doesn't like hard soled shoes very much and loves the park. He still loves sweet potato and pumpkin but will gladly skip apples and pears. He's grown (too) accustomed to the car and now loves taking his naps in there. We have delved into the scary realms of nap dropping. I'm not ready for it but he most definitely is. He also fake sneezes all the time. It always sends me into a fit of giggles.

So that's one year old Mason for you. Very responsive, very temperamental, very... un-babylike. It's so, so cliche but I think this is my favourite age so far.

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