July 16, 2014

WEARING : A wide brimmed hat (and coyness)

Top; Pull & Bear, from a million years ago (similar)
Cardi; Country Road, old (similar)
Jeans; H&M
Shoes; Fabrik

This outfit was worn a few weeks back when we had nice warm days with a heap of sunshine. Lately, just a cardi and exposed ankles will not cut it! We have had to rug up - I'm talking about making that fine line where you will wear ugg boots everywhere.

Also, did you know wide-brimmed hats are very handy when your husband has annoyed you but you need him to take your photo but you refuse to smile at him? Well, now you do.

You're welcome.


  1. Oh my god, my favourite jumper ever is from the Pull and Bear shop in Dublin, I have had it for ten years and I didn't even realise it was a chain store. So odd because last night I just broke out a bag or pre-baby clothes and found it. You look super cute by the way - I have made that leap to ugg boots everywhere in the last week, I have swanky waterproof EMU ones so I tell myself it doesn't really count. But hey, when in Rome, right? #COASTIELIFE

    1. Haha mine aren't even real ugg boots. I got them at a surf shop a thousand winters ago when I just felt like I was done being the only person that did not own a pair of uggs. How good is Pull & Bear?! I only ever get to shop there when I'm back in Singapore.. x