November 26, 2012

Flashback: baby, your father is out of control

I wrote some posts when we found out were pregnant but couldn't tell anyone. I had so many emotions running through me and needed a space to release them. It's great being able to share them now, re-reading them and getting to relive the moments.

Written 25th September 2012

Today your dad was doing some digging up outside and when I went over to help him lift these tiny bricks into a pile, he just about tackled me. "No heavy lifting for you!" he said. Mind you, these were half the size of the average bricks used to make homes.

He has also called you Junior a few times now. But in that "Juuuuu-nior!" way? It's so funny.

He also laughed at the fact that we can't have any soft serve ice cream. Then apologized very quickly.

P.S. I've been calling him "baby-daddy" I think it's hilarious!