December 27, 2012

It's a boy!


Today... Today will go down as one of my most favourite days of my life.

Today we found out you're a little boy. Gosh.

My baby boy. My son. My darling little man.

How we found out was pretty funny too. You see, your dad's still away at work so I thought I'd bring your Aunty Bree and your grandparents to our appointment. We told Dr Thyer not to tell us what he sees, but to write it down on a piece of paper so when I FaceTimed your dad, we could find out together. We were going to wait till we got home but were all way too excited and decided to do it in the car.

I was speechless and your dad basically had a fist pump in the air.

In the last couple of hours he has been planning when he will take your surfing and bought a few onesies online. One of them looks like this:

I'm basically still in a bit of shock. Truth is, I've always thought you were a little boy. But now, the knowledge that I have a son.. It's just crazy. Will you like sports? Or will you like cooking?

Will we need to talk to you about condoms?

Oh my darling. Don't we have lots to look forward to..