December 17, 2012

Oh baby

My darling,

You're just a tiny little avocado this week and it pains me to tell you this.. But a few days ago, a man walked into an elementary school and shot 20 children. They weren't children. They were babies. I don't think any of them were much older than 10 years of age. That might sound like heavens away for you but let's establish that you'll still be my baby way past your 60th birthday.

Who does things like that? It's hard to imagine isn't it? That the same God that made you.. A tiny little avocado living in my belly, relying on me for every breath and every ounce of nutrition.. That same God made that man. That man who killed 20 babies. That man.. He did much worse. So many more children lost their innocence that day. Less than 2 weeks to Christmas. Oh lord, I hope Santa reinstates that innocence somehow.

I found myself struggling to find a way to hold you closer to me. Ways to make sure nothing bad could ever happen to you. I didn't find any. Well not any that didn't include me tying you to your bed forever or never letting you cross a road on your own.

Oh my dear, we'll never know why these things happen. We can't blame God (I personally think He just needed 20 angels back home that day..).

There's so much in this world you will find "just happens". The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.. it just happened. And I can't promise you bad things will never happen to you my baby.

But I promise you this though.

I promise you that a lot of good, wonderful and beautiful things also "just happen".

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  1. Things like the Newtown shooting bothered me before, but now that I'm pregnant too I am disturbed.
    I told our tumbunny to stay inside my belly as long as s/he can... it's getting scary out here... there is no sense to it. Just none.