December 10, 2012


Hey baby love,

So your daddy left for work again on Friday. NBD I hear you say. Well, kind of a bit of a big deal. You see, your daddy doesn't do work like most daddies. Where they go to work at 8am then come home at 5pm. Your daddy works for 5 weeks (35 days) straight! We don't see him at all those 35 days excluding things like Skype and Facetime.

It's not much fun and we don't like it too much, but its what pays the bills. And with your daddy's specific set of skills, the money is too hard to pass up! Yeah.. We'd like to be those parents who thought money didn't buy everything...

But it kinda buys quite a lot of things. Really.. It buys us another 35 days with your dad every 35 days he's done with work? That's heaps and heaps of hours of us all hanging out together with no work commitments to get in the way of 35 days of fun. And that's so important. To remember that he does it for more than some number in a bank account.

He'll be home in about... 33 days. Sounds long, I know. But we'll get through it, you and me. We'll get through it just fine.


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