January 4, 2013

18 weeks and counting

We hit 18 weeks on Tuesday and it's crazy how in less than 2 weeks, I will be midway through what I will have to say, has been the most favourite adventure of my life. I found myself wishing time would fly by before I hit 12 weeks (must have had something to do with the constant nausea!) but now that I'm almost halfway done, I am hoping to experience each day and each change completely.

Every day I am amazed at what my body is doing. As someone who has had image issues for a long time, I am finally feeling a sense of pride in my body. In how it looks and it's abilities. Every morning I wake up with the sniffles and am reminded that this is just another way my body is protecting this beautiful miracle (The more mucus, the more "filter", the less crap is being breathed into my body).

It's absolutely fascinating to watch my body and this darling boy grow, and I'm going to savour the next 22 weeks. Cause if I can take anything from the motherload of advice that's been thrown at me, I'll take this: I will never ever feel this way again. And if that's true, I never want to forget.

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