January 15, 2013

Those two lines

Dear baby boy,

It's a weird thing to see two lines say "you're having a baby".. Mostly 'cause it says so much more than that. I feel like as a person, I am forever changed. There is nothing I do every minute of every single day that I do without you in mind.

I've never been brave - That's your dad. I never scaled walls, liked the big waves of the ocean or even done well in The House of Horror at Universal Studios (I cried and left through the emergency exit door). But with you, with you I feel like I could conquer anything to make sure you were safe. I have never been more vulnerable yet more strong in my conviction to be the best mom to you.

I'm not sure if it comes from the overwhelming, ever-consuming desire to protect you or the intense, fierce love I already feel for you, someone I've never even met. But everyday I will myself to be the best possible version of me. Because if you don't deserve the best... who does?


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