January 15, 2013


My boy,

You little champion, you! Look at us! Halfway there. Was there a moment this mama of yours thought 'Omg, we will never make it to 20 weeks at this rate'? YES. Especially in that nasty first trimester when my body was all like, 'What is going on up in here!'

But now, now I spend the earliest part of my day, when the sun has just risen and is peeking in to our bedroom, holding my belly and wishing you a good morning. Some mornings I'm sure I've awoken cause you stirred me. Other mornings, I wait for you to move a little before I get up. You almost always reassure me with a jiggle. Words cannot explain the crazy joy I get from those little jiggles!

I spend the rest of the day on Instagram stalking everyone at home who always posts up pictures of the kind of cuisine we can't find here and I leave numerous comments like "ERMAHGADD I WANT" in my trail. My appetite hasn't increased immensely (yet?) so I nibble some bits and pieces of food all day, trying my best to get those 3 important meals in.

At my last appointment, we found that I'd lost weight! That's okay though, Dr Thyer says you are perfectly sized and (I think you get this from me...) you have been so super exact to your due date every measurement. Your dad reckons you'll get here early but I feel like you'll surprise us and do that thing where you'll come just a few hours after your due date.

Who cares really? We only have 20 more weeks of just you and me, darling. And despite my eagerness to see you (whose eyes? whose nose? big feet like mama?), I am savouring every second of this time we have together, just you and me.



  1. gosh, i love that letter!! and be sure, your weight is going to get higher... :D

    another thing...
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