February 25, 2013

26 weeks

Baby boy,

26 weeks! Funny how it feels like I've known you forever. I recognise every little kick, hiccup and oh, those dance moves... You really know how to comfort your lonely mama. Other than this dreadful cold, I've been feeling great, and I think you are too. Every night after dinner (and a bit of ice cream), I lie down for a mini-Shields performance. I watch you contort my tummy into ways I have never seen before. It's the best part of my day.

We've only got 14 weeks to go before you're in our arms, sweet boy. In ways it feels like a big chapter of my life is closing, while another starts. While I am eager to have me some poached eggs and smoked salmon, I will miss this.

So in the next 14 weeks, I fully intend to savour each secret moment I share with you (like when you kicked me in the ribs non-stop for 7 minutes 'cause I was late to have lunch today!).

I love you so much, my darling.


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