February 24, 2013


Prior to meeting Luke, I have never been a big fan of change. Well, he can probably attest to the fact that I am still probably very resistant to sudden changes and he almost always has to brace himself for a bit of a Theresa Meltdown.

But ever since we found out we were having a baby (and probably even before that), we've wanted out of WA. Nothing's wrong with this gorgeous state but we just craved more. More ocean, more lifestyle, more surf (for Luke), less cost of living. More change. More new, more enjoying the simpler things in life. During our trip down the East Coast last month, we fell head over heels in love with Terrigal. A small beach town located on the Central Coast, an hour north of Sydney. The air smelt better, the homes felt bigger, the ocean crashed a lovelier way than ever before.

So what did us two crazies decide to do? We decided to put our home in Scarborough up for sale "just to see what will happen" (No one's going to buy it right away? Right..?). Well. Wrong. We were inundated with offers and have gone with one. We will probably be out of here and on our merry way to Terrigal in under 2 months.

Oh, have I forgotten I'm 6 months pregnant, you say? No no. Fret not. We spoke to my OB who said it wouldn't be too much of a hassle to transfer my information over to the Gosford Private Hospital  as long as its done before 32 weeks. We've got about 6 weeks and we'll be fine.

At least I think so. I've always been the sort to be afraid to get excited or happy about something new. Always thinking if I saw everything 3 steps ahead, I'd never be disappointed. Then Luke came waltzing into my life and now I see things so differently. I am so incredibly excited for our new adventure and I cannot wait!

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