April 27, 2013


The husband left for work this arvo. 4 years on and driving away from the airport still stings the corners of my eyes. But this time he's only gone for 17 instead of 35 days. So in the big scheme of things, it's totally do-able.

Nesting has well and truly set in for me - it saw me doing 4 loads of laundry in just one evening. I couldn't for the life of me explain to Luke why I needed to wash everything right then and there. Maybe because I still have a million other things to wash, but they're the fun ones (sized between 0000 and 1). I also snuck a trip into IKEA after the airport today. How do you not buy everything in that store? If it's not cute, its just bloody clever! #ilovetheswedish

In other news, this house has become home. I am not too sure when it happened but it has. I miss it when I'm not in it and I'm dying to give it some love. When we first walked in, it was obvious it hadn't seen much love in a while. Right now, its not even the same house anymore. There is still much work to be done, but our hearts live within these walls now and I cannot wait to see how much more of a transformation it will get.

So, 35 weeks on Tuesday. Thirty-five. Boom. And just like that we are on a countdown.


  1. i just went to ikea too, it's such a clich├ęd pregnant lady thing to do :) 35, not too long to go... x

    1. haha it is, isn't it! IKEA is like a black hole for me. I get lost in there and end up buying so many unnecessary items! If it wasn't for the million people in there and all the things I nearly tripped over, I'd be back there every week!