May 2, 2013



Sometimes its as if life wants to give me a pat on my back and say "That's correct, Theresa".

After my previous post about being thankful for what I have, I feel like somehow someone wanted to give me more to be grateful for. I am so blessed.

When we first fell pregnant and I always said I would do the photoshoot thing. I never wanted to ever forget this experience. I wanted to document it and have a keepsake. Then we bought a house and we simply decided that we were in no position to spend hundreds of dollars, which was fine. In the big scheme of things, this was a small sacrifice.

What popped up on my Facebook feed a few days ago? The lovely Anya was running a workshop just up in Newcastle and needed a pregnant mumma. The session was free and I'd get a few images. I could've kicked myself in the head. How did I get this lucky?

We had the loveliest time and I cannot thank those ladies and Anya enough for giving me the opportunity to have some images of this precious time in my life. Their talents are boundless and it was the loveliest way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


  1. These are beautiful, you are very lucky.x

  2. Love this, and LOVE this space! xo

  3. You look simply beautiful. What an elegant photoshoot. And lucky you got the session for free!

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