May 6, 2013

Letters to baby S

Dear baby boy,

Its hard for mama to fall asleep these days.. Half of it is due to some not-so-little bug in my belly that fidgets around quite a bit, and half of it because I sometimes get anxious. This almost always happens when I'm in bed.

Last night around 11pm, anxiety kicked in again.. I shut my eyes and prayed. I said thanks for your daddy, for you and for this life we have. It calmed me down 'cause it made me count my blessings. I realised that today would be a week till your dad is home and in my arms, and we would be that much closer to you..

And then I shuffled my foot around the bed and felt all these crumbs. I lifted the quilt and found all the remnants of my milk-and-cookies-in-bed expedition from earlier in the day. It made me giggle out loud and I felt like someone up there was just trying to make sure I went to bed smiling.

your mama


  1. Beautiful. And that image is stunning! xo

    1. Thanks Lisa! I know right, I can't believe these ladies' talents.