May 12, 2013

Mothers Day

2 whole weeks ago, these flowers turned up at my door while I was reading a book on the lounge. My darling husband had ordered them for me. Except he ordered them about 2 weeks too early.

Bless him. He was so excited for my first Mothers Day that he got the date wrong. I love that man so much. A card read "Happy Mothers Day to the most beautiful, loving, caring and amazing mother and wife". Of course I skipped the cute tear rolling down the side of my face and burst into some full on ugly crying.

My memories of Mothers Day have always been of myself sprawled on the floor in my bedroom, door shut, drawing mum a card. I always managed to draw the most horrible depiction of her (I never meant to, human life drawings were never my forte - one time I made her look bigger than both our house AND a tree).

This year, while I'm just as thankful for my beautiful mama, I cannot help but picture in my head a little boy who will one day draw some slightly unflattering version of me on a card and flash me his biggest, brightest grin with utmost pride and hand me my Mothers Day gift.

My heart is bursting with excitement over this impending journey I am about to embark on. Motherhood. If ever there was something that deserved an entire day dedicated to it, it would be motherhood.

So here's a fist bump to all the baby mamas, soon to be baby mamas and fur baby mamas out there!


  1. So very thoughtful of your husband! Happy Mother's Day indeed! Such a special day. The ladies & Mum's in my life have an enormous responsibility and I am so proud of all they achieve, Motherhood seems incredibly trying but just as rewarding. Happy Mother's Day to you!

    1. Thank you so much. I do feel incredibly privileged to be in the same league as these women that I regard so highly!