March 25, 2014


Dear Mason,

This month's update is a letter to you. Why? Because today you are exactly 41 weeks old.

41 weeks in, 41 weeks out.

From today onwards, I would have known you longer out in our big world than in my protective womb. So before I turn into a huge ball of emotions, here are some fun facts about you this month!

You are outgrowing everything! All your clothes. I am quite certain a lot of the stuff I stashed away for winter is already too small. You have fully mastered the art of crawling. Better yet, you actually scurry away when you know I'm coming after you. It is hilarious. You can stand for about a few seconds now before wobbling back down onto your bottom. You absolutely adore Meeka but sadly, she cannot stand a bar of you. It might be due to your inability to quite pat her and instead, you pinch her fur/ears/tail.. Yeah, it's not very fun for her.

You are a dynamic little man. If a sound is loud and has startled you, instead of crying, you yell back. You attempt to be louder than the sound that has scared you. This bit about you is probably (one of my many) my favourite. You are brave. Nothing like me - I am timid and worry a lot. You take anything on, fearless. I have no doubt this will one day be something I will find challenging about you!

Your dad and Grammy love talking about how people stop us in the street, or at the mall to let us know they think you are beautiful. It's funny. We already know, but it is sweet to hear. You smile at everyone. You draw them in. It's like you give them no choice. 

41 weeks. Can you believe it! You are a wonder to me. Every single day. Some days, you test me. You remind me of... me. But is it narcissistic that it makes me love you more? Maybe it is because now that you live on the outside, it is nice to be reminded that you are so much a part of me, still.

So yes. To this huge piece of my heart who just wanders around this big world of ours.. I love you. So so much.

Always yours,


  1. His hair!!!
    And Meeka's sentiments seems exactly like Max's. Soon, she'll be terrified of him.

    1. Haha she is pretty much the leader of the Anti Mason club.

  2. Beautiful post! My little man also yells when he's scared !

    1. Oh thank you! Aw it's so adorable isn't it? I find them so intriguing!