March 17, 2014

Tips for traveling with a child

Because I am now an expert on the subject, I thought I'd share some tips on traveling with a kid.

(I'm joking. But seriously. 8 flights in 9 months. Just let me, okay?)

Get a carrier
Not exactly groundbreaking information but so necessary. I use a ring sling but am keen to get something a bit more like this. Babywearing is a convenience. It's just self-explanatory.

Use a bag that has a zip
Nothing worse than shoving your bag under the seat in front of you, only to have all your kid's toys and food rolling towards the back of the plane at take off.

Dress for comfort, not style
That applies to both you and baby. I tend to go in yoga pants or loose pants that could be mistaken for pyjamas. Okay. I mean pyjama pants. This way I am super comfortable and can maneuver up and down a plane if needed. I always put Mason in a onesie when we fly. Except this once. And then he did two poos in 5 hours and he would not let me put his pants back on. So onesie it is.

Lots of snacks
My son loves to eat. Some days I find that if he's not shoving a rice cracker, avocado or any sort of food item into his mouth, he is screaming. So I have learnt to always have something for him to eat in my bag. Especially when he has to sit in a plane for hours!

Something to suck on
Pretty logical. It helps with the blocked ears. In this case, we use my nipple.

Ask for help
My last and probably, my most important point. Always, always ask for help. You'll be surprised how often someone will help you without batting an eyelid. I ask for extra breadrolls all the time (for Mason, not me. Really..) and let flight attendants know if I need a pillow or blanket. I also always ask if we can get a seat in the middle of Luke and myself so Mason has somewhere to sit and play for the hours he insists on staying awake.

So there. It's not rocket science or anything but if it helps just one mama on a plane with a baby, then I'm happy! In the meantime, enjoy that photo of Mason, looking delightfully dopey.


  1. As someone who's travelled with a toddler (a fair bit) I second everything you've said here!! Especially the carrier. We have an ergo carrier, and it was just the best to strap him on (I used it with him while I was pregnant with Eli as well), and we used the pram for luggage!!

  2. Oh and that ergo your linked to is the exact one we have. I liked the coloured ones, but we had to get black so that Luke would wear them in it too!

    1. Thank you, Talia! I want to get an ergo badly. I've borrowed one from a friend and I love it! I back carry Mason when he's having a tantrum and that way I can still get dinner sorted!