April 28, 2014


Sleeping bag c/o Joules

Of course I'm late for this post! It's my MO.

Whenever it comes time to address these posts, I tend to sit in front of the computer for a few seconds. Mostly because my mind is kind of going, "Holy sh*t. My baby is how old?" In less than 2 months, he will be one. It blows my mind that time could possibly have passed us that quickly.

Righto. Ten months. What is Mason up to these days? Basically, EVERYTHING. If you were a fly on the wall, here's what you'd be privy to:

You will find him at the dog bowl, splashing water around.
Yanking his spoon out of my hand to feed himself. Sometimes with great success, other times, its successful for the dog.
Screaming. You will find him screaming. Not entirely sure if he understands what he is doing, but I'm entirely sure he enjoys hearing the sound leave his mouth.
Hugging. He has started giving proper hugs. To us, his grandparents, the dogs. He even makes these cooing noises. It gets me everytime.
He stands for a few seconds and then drops right back on his bottom. I am in no rush for him to walk just yet.

I chose sleeping photos of Mason for this month because, frankly, it is those rare times when I get up, and he's still asleep between Luke and myself, and we both gush over how lucky we got.. It is those times where I could pinch myself.

How lucky did we get?!

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