August 9, 2014

A day with Luisa Brimble

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to spend a day with the incredible Luisa Brimble. Photography aside, Luisa is one of the kindest, most down-to-earth human beings I have ever had the privilege of meeting.

By the time I finally got to the very (like, seriously.. VERY) crowded Paramount Coffee Project in Surry Hills, I was giddy with excitement. Within minutes I caught sight of the pint-sized, unassuming lady. She gave me the biggest bear hug and from there, it felt very natural, and very easy. She taught me things from controlling my ISO to trusting myself.

Suffice it to say, I am struggling to cull photos for this post. Thank you to The Local Harvest Collective and Pasta Emilia.

Warning: A LOT of food was involved. So. Much. Food.

I left feeling so inspired! For the most part I couldn't believe these were photos I'D taken. They're probably the best ones I've ever taken (in my opinion, anyway). I am so grateful to Luisa for sharing her knowledge. 

While I am absolutely buzzing to "collaborate, collaborate, collaborate", I am looking forward to the next two months of rest and holiday.


  1. These pictures are amazing!!!!!! I need this lesson, my food photography is rubbish. Congratulations!!

  2. My mouth is watering. You have captured a whole lot of deliciousness x

    1. Thank you! I can tell you that they tasted as good as they look. Miss your face, B! x