August 4, 2014


A few weeks ago, we roadtripped to Victoria's Mount Buller for a bit of powdery fun* as part of Luke's 31st birthday. It was the coolest experience watching Mason discover snow.. He touched it, and touched it. Again and again, as if he was not too sure of it. Then, of course, he tried to put it his mouth.. Ugh. That stops eventually, right?

Mason and I spent most of our time on the toboggan and having hot chocolates (and babycinos). I would definitely say my favourite part of the trip was dressing Mason in ridiculously bulky snow outfits and then watch him try to find his centre of gravity like a baby penguin. And of course, the divine Italian restaurant downstairs where we ate 4 out of our 6 dinners.

*Said "fun" was probably mostly enjoyed by the husband. The uncoordinated (myself) do not particularly enjoy boobie traps like wet, icy floors.


  1. His snow outfits were adorable. And yes, they do eventually stop putting random things in their mouths, although my eldest would have been about two when he stopped. Now it's food, food and more food.

    1. Haha, oh man. Maybe if I try and make sure he always has food in his hands he may stop putting random stuff (see: choking hazards) in his mouth!

  2. haha! bulky snow outfits DO throw off the centre of gravity, don't they! but the children look so darling in them, like little michelin men! ;)