February 19, 2013

Prenatal yoga

I just started my prenatal yoga classes at The Yoga Space in West Perth and am loving it. I've always been more of a Pilates girl but decided to go with yoga when I fell pregnant because of my choice to have a natural birth, I knew I'd need the fundamentals of breathing and relaxation and focus that is so ingrained in yoga.

The breathing exercises at the start of each class ground me. It's not easy to explain but being the high-strung, nervous wreck that I am, a simple thing like breathing doesn't come easy. It reminds me to stop and breathe into my body rather than just taking the tiny little meaningless breaths I take everyday. Stopping to think about where you send each breath in and around your body gives me a weird sense of control.

We also did an Active Birth Workshop and I left feeling so empowered. The different techniques and positions we learnt brought a sense of comfort for me. Bring it on, baby boy!

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