February 18, 2013

Two heartbeats

This mama is exhausted.

We've been so busy the last 5 weeks, what with our big road trip down the east coast, the beautiful wedding where I'm pretty sure my sister in law surpassed all brides that ever lived and was by far the most stunning thing that ever graced an aisle, and then our quick 3 day trip to Singapore to surprise my family for Chinese New year.

I feel like I haven't stopped. All of a sudden, I'm over 6 months pregnant and no matter how much stuff I feel like I've accumulated in anticipation of this little dude's arrival.. There is still always something else we haven't gotten yet. Breast pump, bottles, cot sheets, how many onesies is too many..

So it was a nice change when I was lying in bed alone last night (Luke is back at work), with almost no view of my toes, and suddenly realised at that very moment, there were 2 heartbeats in my bed. I laid still and almost apologetically held my belly as this little boy squirmed around inside me. I felt sorry that I hadn't slowed down to enjoy all his little kicks and nudges, and appreciate how thankful I was that my placenta had moved upwards so a natural vaginal birth is now okay for us..

A flu bug has set in and I'm pretty sure it's just my exhaustion catching up with me. Let's hope it'll let up soon enough.


  1. bless your heart! i don't think i could do all of that if i WASN'T pregnant! you're my hero!

    1. Haha thank you. Its crazy how much you can push your body when you feel like you have to! So glad to finally be catching up on some rest!